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We Offer a Range of Septic Services to Meet Your Needs

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Septic Cleaning

We offer Septic Cleaning service for Residential and Commercial properties!

Available 24 hours a day!


Septic Cleaning Process:

  1. Locate the septic tank 

  2. Dig up the lid to the septic tank and remove plug or plastic lid to access the interior of the tank

  3. Pump out ALL contents within the tank (Main focus is to remove solids/sludge)

  4. Clean outlet filter if applicable

  5. Reinstall plug or plastic lid

  6. Cover up dig site with existing dirt and rake area level


Septic Cleaning
Septic Cleaning

Lift Station

Lift Station tanks consist of pumps that move effulent to the drain field or sewer.

We offer Lift Station cleaning and repair services at affordable pricing!

Available 24 hours a day!


Lift Station repair services:

  1. Lift Station panel alarming diagnosis

  2. Pump replacement

  3. Float switch and Alarm float replacement

  4. Alarm panel/box replacement

  5. Riser pipe and lid installation/repair


Lift Station Full
Lift Station Empty
Lift Station

Grease Trap

A Grease Trap is an interceptor designed to collect food waste and grease from wastewater.

We offer Grease Trap cleanings for residential and commercial properties!

Available 24 hours a day!


Grease Trap cleaning process: 

  1. Locate Grease Trap (Outside or Inside)

  2. Remove plug/lid to access the interior of the tank

  3. Pump out ALL contents within the tank (Main focus is to removes excess grease)

  4. Reinstall plug/lid

  5. Cover up dig site if necessary 


Grease Trap

Drain Field

Drain Fields are the final stop for wastewater on your property after it has traveled from your home and through the septic tank's filtration system. We offer competitive pricing on Drain Field repairs and new home installs!


Things to know when considering Drain Field repair/install: 


  2. All estimates can vary until a permit is received

  3. The county health department determines the install/repair process 

  4. We require 50% down payment on ALL repairs/installs

  5. We do not sub-contract. All work is done through us!


Drain Field
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